Worship Committee

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The overall objective of the Worship Committee is to help the minister in assuring the health and growth of the congregation through the development of quality worship services.  The Committee works with the minister and plans (primarily lay-led) worship services for Sunday worship (one Sunday per month, plus our Summer Service Series), for Wonderful Wednesdays vespers services, and for special services when needed.  This typically involves arranging for guest speakers, visiting ministers, or service leaders from our own congregation.  

The Committee also arranges for our Worship Assistants, who are selected from the laity to participate in all of our services (minister-led or lay-led) and receive training and guidance throughout the year.  Members also help to support the services in the areas of music selection, sound system setup, layout of the worship space, communication, and arrangements, as well as to solicit feedback from the congregation regarding the worship experience.  The Committee also seeks to coordinate the recruitment, training, and scheduling of ushers for all our services, and to coordinate with the activities of the Children's Chapel where possible.