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Music Committee

The Music Committee of First Unitarian Church of St. Louis is a group of musicians and music-loving people committed to supporting the rich musical life of this church. The Committee meets regularly to serve the congregation in four areas, which constitute our S.O.N.G. principles:

Support our staff  to free them to make music

  • Support for maintaining choir music library
  • Build pool of talent for special music (non-choir Sundays)
  • Coordinate with Worship Committee to plan music for summer services
  • Coordinate talent to provide the summer service music
  • Track annual music budget
  • Serve as sounding board for staff and provide feedback

Own quality standards are to honor musicianship and uplift people

  • Support coordination between music staff and minister to enhance quality of worship
  • Set and maintain standards for quality of worship service music
  • Set and maintain musical standards for hymn selection
  • Provide opportunities for emerging young talent

Nurture our community to touch more people and build a future

  • Maintain/expand directory of church musicians
  • Create opportunities for diverse expression of quality music for worship
  • Create avenues for musical exploration in all levels of church life
  • Seek and support youth participation in music (including Hope children's choir)
  • Recruit and retain choir members
  • Solicit and receive feedback from the congregation

Guard our infrastructure to equip us for quality

  • Maintain, repair and replace instruments
  • Maintain and enhance rehearsal/performance spaces
  • Define and support appropriate physical environment (e.g. heating, cooling, security)