Designated Collections

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Each month, as a way of putting our faith into action, First Church donates the proceeds of its Designated Collection to a worthy organization. We encourage all Sunday service attendees, and all our members and friends, to give generously.  Donation checks should be made payable to First Church with a notatation of "Designated Collection" on the memo line.  The organizations we support are chosen by the Social Responsibility Committee in August. 


In 20114-2015 we are sharing our resources with:

Metro UUSJ Chairs/M-SLICE  -

Gateway 180 -

First UU Sandwich Making -


Prison Performing Arts -

Holy Ground/Trinity Hot Lunch -

South Side Early Childhood Center -

100 Neediest Cases -

Robert Ford Haitian Foundation-

Discovering Options -


Voices for Children -

Partner Church -

Gateway 180-First UU Project  -

Giant Steps -


Pathways to Independence -

St. Martha's Hall -

Immigrnt & Refugee Women's Program -

Girl's Incorporated -

Payback, Inc. -

Nurses for Newborns -

Places for People -

Voices for Children -

Interfaith Partnership -

Gateway Greening -