On the Muuve, Alternative Transportation Sunday

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Sunday, April 22, 2012


On the MUUve Sunday!


For Earth Day, Sunday April 22, we are encouraging everyone to walk, bike, use Metrolink or the bus, or carpool to church. Get a group together. Have fun. Get to church and have breakfast. Breakfast will be provided to the hungry masses between services by the Young Adults of the congregation. Thank you, Young Adults.

Cyclists! A large map of metro area bike paths will be posted in Fellowship Hall. Walkers! Use the internet: go to Google maps; Get Directions; click on the grey icon for the walking person, the cyclist, or the bus; then enter your address. 




Transit Users! For a whole system map, go to

http://www.metrostlouis.org/PlanYourTrip/SystemMap. You can click on Trip Planner to see how to go from your address to church. Carpoolers! a large neighborhood map with members’ distribution will be up in Fellowship Hall. Share a ride.






Questions: Dennis Cummins & Piera 314 644 4746