Transition Team

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The Transition Team is planning monnthly conversations to engage the congregation in the necessary work of transition that runs parallel to the work that the Policy Board and Church Council are doing on governance and internal communications. 

Because we have a busy church and we want to provide as many people with an opportunity to be involved in the conversations as possible.  The format of these transition team conversations will include a session at 9:15 am before the Sunday worship service and a duplicate session after the service at 11:30am. Watch the weekly e-news for the topic and date of the next conversation.

You are always welcome to ask any member of the Transition Team for more information about specific programs or the transition process in general. Members of the transition team are:  

Rev. Gary James

Jess Green

Ashley Gray

Jeff Cary

Charles Eby

Judy Meyer

Todd O'Boyle

Margaret Weck