Harvest Moon Auction 2012

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Save the Date - Church Auction


WHO:     You!

WHAT:     Church Auction - the theme is “Home Sweet Home"

WHEN:    Saturday evening, November 5

WHERE:  First Unitarian Church 

WHY:       See below!



· A way to raise money for the church

· A gathering to celebrate the centennial of our 100 year-old building

· A fun evening with friends old and new 

A focus on intangibles, learning, service, and  sustenance - things we love about our church community


· A formal fancy dinner

· An opportunity to clean out your closets

This event's focus will be on “intangibles” (services, trips, event tickets) and sustenance (food and drink)


· Buy a ticket to the event. Invite a friend. (Maybe someone you haven't seen in awhile!)

· Donate a service, a trip, event tickets, restaurant certificates, etc. 

· Lead or host a sign-up event (tour, hands-on activity, wine tasting, pool party) - or provide refreshments 

· Help make the event a success and meet   others by serving on a team. (P.S. You will be eligible for discounted admission) Examples of teams include:

o Appetizer team: Contribute appetizers

o Beverage team: Contribute wine/beer/soft drinks; serve drinks

o Dessert team: contribute/set up dessert buffet and coffee

o Blurb writing team: write up enticing descriptions for donated items

o Paperwork team: make bid sheets, certificates, auction paddles, etc.

o Check-in / ticketing team: Help with ticket sales, check-in

o Silent auction set up team

o Live auction team: help with recording bids, event flow

o Kitchen cleanup team: Bus and load dishes, set up Fellowship Hall for church the next morning

o Musicians: provide 1/2 hour of incidental music during silent auction (you will still have an hour to eat and attend silent auction)

QUESTIONS? IDEAS? Contact Emily Jaycox or email (email hidden; JavaScript is required)