Board Governance

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Our Congregation is governed by two overlapping bodies. Coordination of all church life on a monthly basis is done by the Church Council. This group is made up of representatives of church Committee Clusters and is Chaired by the Vice President. The primary fiduciary and long-term management of the church is done by the Policy Board, which includes all Church Officersand is lead by the church President.

Board Roster


  • Kathy Wire, Church President
  • Carole Watson, Church Council Chair
  • Erin Milligan, Secretary
  • Kathy Wilke, Treasurer

Church Council:

  • Charlie Kindleberger
  • Steve Smidowicz
  • Clint Cruse
  • Victoria Bonvento

Policy Board:

  • Ronan Wallace
  • Carolyn Toft
  • Tony Fathman
  • Joan Kindleberger
  • Larry Dusenbery
  • Andrea Berin
  • Karen Siegriest